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"The Breath of the Dragon" - Biomeiler Workshop / April - May 2013

From: Friday 19 April - 6:00 pm
Until: Sunday 21 April - 4:00 pm


From: Friday 10 May - 6:00 pm
Until: Sunday 12 May - 4:00 pm

If you wish you can stay longer before or afterwards, please just contact us.

Organiser: Environmental Project "Nature Island Dragonmill"

Postcode / City: 04769 Schweta // Germany // Saxon

Cost: € 140, - per course completely

Trainer: Christian Sven Schembritzki

Category: Course

A short video showing Nature Island Dragonmill:

Permaculture experience in practise

At these weekends we want to learn the basics of permaculture and its implementation on the environmental project, "Nature Island Dragonmill". Specifically, it is about re-building the only 'Biomeiler' in Germany.
Biomeiler, developed by Frenchman Jean Pain, is a technic for sophisticated recycling of tree and shrub cuttings. The material is piled into a large timber of compost and a natural rotting process is starting its dynamic. Inside the Biomeilers temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius are optimal. The heat from rotting can be used to heat water pipes laid through the heap. We already collected Biomeiler-experience at Dragonmill the last years. Furthermore, its possible to harvest biogas. Depending on its size even houses can have an ecological heat- and hot-water-supply.
After about 18 months the bunch rots and high quality compost is left. All sorts of microorganisms have been created. Healthy soil is the result, perfect for planting.

At the workshop-weekends we plan to create a protected space that allows participants to have an intensive exchange and enables them to be able to build their own independent Biomeiler. They can also benefit from the experience of the previous Biomeiler. In addition, the basics of permaculture are presented (Treebogs, integrating old domestic animal breeds, spice and herb gardens, ...) and community cooperation will happen.

Course Structure:

Weekend 1

    All participants introduce themselves
    Tour around the Dragonmill
    Evaluation of previous Biomeilers with explanation of its functions
    Using the compost heap on the gardens (with explanation)
    Friday and Saturday evening planning the new Biomeilers
    Organization of materials and its transport
    Three times a day to enjoy a delicious Bio-meal    together
    Evening campfire and/or movies, depending on the interests of the people, a bar with organic snacks and drinks available

Weekend 2

    Introduction of new participants
    Dragonmill work: Permaculture in practice before using the Treebogs
    Collective construction of the new Biomeilers 3.0 with 80m3
    Delicious organic food three times a day
    The evenings with campfire or filled with interests of the participants


You will sleep in dormitories, in the barn or on a bed of straw in a tepee. 2 double rooms are available for an extra charge of 30, - €. Please bring your own sleeping pad, flashlight, slippers, weatherproof clothing and shoes for muddy weather. Please no chemical detergents or cleaning agents. Also, the dragon is a mobile- and smoke-free place. In the entrance of the dragon mill is space for that.

Course fee

140, - € per person per course. Students and graduates of the Permaculture Academy pay 90, - € per week. Including 2 nights, meals from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and the course content is included. We eat together, ecological and vegetarian. Children under 12 years pay 30 € for meals per week. Those who want to attend both courses pay 260 €, the courses are also available individually. Early booking before the end of March allows 20% discount.
Who really has very little money, send me a mail and we will find a solution.


Minimum 10, maximum 25 participants

The moderator

Christian Sven Schembritzki is initiator and project manager of the Nature Island. His eight years of experience there with renewable energy (3 Biomeiler on the Nature Island), permaculture and sustainability, organic farming, in children and environmental education, forestry work, scattered fruit tree cultivation, animal husbandry and their use in the landscape and shamanism make him a competent partner in terms of sustainable lifestyles. His life-style is also a result of a 5-year world tour, during which he often walked bare-foot and got to know many cultures. During that time he has enjoyed an international juggling and mime training and still initiates juggling conventions on Dragonmill. The "Nature Island Dragonmill" was awarded for the second time as an official project of the UN Decade of "Education for Sustainable Development".

Additional information

Find Dragonmill here:
Mail Contact:

All further information you will receive after registration using the above e-mail-address. Looking forward to you, our creative exchange and building new Biomeilers 3.0!